Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Teaching Binder

Jenn at Beyond the Grades has a really great teaching binder that puts a lot of essential paperwork that we need to access every day in one binder. Her binder makes it super easy to grab one item for conferences, parent phone calls, grading, team meetings, faculty meetings, etc.

In this binder she has a calendar in the front pocket, an EZ Grader in the back pocket, and divider tabs for each section. The sections she includes are:

  • Important Information: schedules, class lists, transportation info. This can easily be removed to place in a sub folder for the days you are out.
  • Student Data: Important assessment scores (MAP scores, etc.), contact information, conference sheets, etc. 
  • Curriculum Calendar: Curriculum and testing calendars
  • Grading: She keeps 9 week grades in spreadsheet format here. Again, very easy to refer to during team meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Lesson Plan Ideas
  • Team Meeting Notes
  • Faculty Meeting Notes
  • PLC Meeting Notes
I like how easy it to manage all the paperwork you get during meetings: simply place it in the appropriate tabs. You could include one of those small 3-hole punches that fit in a 3-ring binder so paper gets filed immediately. Great ideas Jenn!

Click here for access to Jenn's post

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