Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Utilizing Your iPad

I found a great infographic from Tony at LearningHand.com that shows various ways to use your iPad for showing your iPad screen to the whole class, managing the classroom, assessment, interacting with students, accessing your files, creating instructional media, and learning new things. Here's a screen shot of the beginning of the infographic:

Click Here to see the full infographic

This infographic shares a ton of great apps to try for the classroom (and indicates if they are free or paid apps). One I'd really like to check out is Three Ring where you can digitize student work. This would be great to avoid losing papers, but also for creating portfolios, tracking student progress. You could also use it during parent/teacher conferences or you can even be shared with parents. Pretty cool!

Explain Everything is an app that records your voice as your draw on a whiteboard. I could see this being great for homework help. For example, you're teaching how to add fractions and send home some homework. Mom is trying to help her child, but can't remember if the denominator needs to be the same before adding the numerators. Include a link at the bottom of the homework sheet or post the video to the class website and mom has a tool to help her child succeed! Excellent idea.

These are just two apps that look very promising. Check them out!

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